Rawk Star Cafe

Are you ready to RAWK?!

A raw foods haven for those in the Tampa Bay area to enjoy locally organic raw foods! GMO, dairy, gluten, and soy free ALWAYS!  

Since June 2010...

Rawk Star Cafe is about healthy living. It doesn't matter if you are just starting out on your journey for better health or if you are a seasoned health enthusiast; there is no judgment here. We all started on our journey to optimal health for reasons we hold close to our hearts, and each and every one of us will continue walking our path. So why not stop on by today? Meet others who want to make life improvements like yourself... who have already made advances... and who can help you stay motivated on your journey. Let life-giving foods and a positive spirit pave your path. All are welcome!


Our Mission...

To provide plant-based dishes and drinks for people looking for a more sustainable way of living and eating. At Rawk Star Cafe, we promise to always go with the flow of Mother Nature. We pride ourselves on working with what nature has already provided and turning it into amazing works of art. Come in and taste the benefits of what non-processed, non-manipulated, all organic, pure and natural foods and herbs have to offer you. Try our hand-crafted chocolates, a decadent raw dessert, a superfood smoothie, soup or salad - all made in-house with only the freshest ingredients of the utmost authenticity, nutritional standards and quality!

All our food and beverage ingredients are always 100% organic/wild-crafted and guaranteed GMO-free, as well as corn free, dairy free, soy free and gluten free.

By using the tools and knowledge found at Rawk Star Cafe, I have met many people who have improved their health and quality of life drastically. What an amazing place!
— Brigid E.


Adam P. Kantrovitz is a graduate from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. It is there where he achieved his bachelor's degree in business, specializing in hotel and restaurant management. He also attended the University of Hawaii for one year where he studied management with a focus in the hospitality industry.

Following graduation, Adam held a role in management for Soup and Salad - a restaurant chain in the Boston area. Currently, Adam owns and operates Rawk Star Cafe, Inc. here in the Tampa Bay Area of Florida. 




Karen A. Di Gloria (born and raised north of Boston, MA) is considered by friends, family and peers to be the "eternal nurse." Although she has left the field of conventional medicine behind her, Karen's passion for helping others live a quality life has never shined brighter. Her years of experience as an oncology nurse and desire to achieve abundant health were the catalyst for a radical career change.


Karen co-owned and operated Rawk Star Café, Inc. - a raw food café and superfood marketplace in the Tampa Bay area for over seven years. She also authored and self-published SuperNaturawl Newtrition. Karen now follows her true passion as a Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA) Practitioner and Certified Biofeedback Specialist. She has earned her Raw Nutrition Certification through BodyMind Institute and her Whole Life Coach Certification through the International Training Institute of Health. Karen's fusion of knowledge, achievements and experience make her well qualified to offer nutritional and holistic wellness coaching to those truly ready for a lifestyle change.

To learn more about the services that Karen provides, please visit www.frequencyfreedom.com.


  • Helping people achieve their ideal weight and regain control of their health.
  • Educating those who are willing to learn and apply the tools for better living.
  • Supplying people with healthy and delicious food options - quickly and organically.
  • Offering the public corn free, dairy free, gluten free, GMO free, and soy free options all in one place.
  • Giving people availability to the tools they need for quality of life and longevity.
  • A positive environment where people come to eat, learn and meet other like-minded individuals.
  • Providing the public with a safe environment to begin their journey to better health.
  • Creating a beautiful place to be your best one step at a time.

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