Rawk Star Cafe

Are you ready to RAWK?!

A raw foods haven for those in the Tampa Bay area to enjoy locally organic raw foods! GMO, dairy, gluten, and soy free ALWAYS!  

Raw Variety


At Rawk Star Cafe, only the freshest, organic ingredients are used for all our food items, smoothies and elixir drinks. We've tried, tasted and tested all the possibilities and take great pride in the quality of superfoods, superherbs and superfruits we are fortunate enough to provide to the public. We are also confident in our ability to only offer our guests the best nutritional ingredients possible. There is something for everyone on our menu. If you need something altered, feel free to let us know. Our amazing staff will do their best to happily accommodate your needs.

Healthy Superfood Smoothies!


Coffee, Tea and Elixir Drinks


Egg-less Wrap


Drum Beat 'N Salad

Rawghetti... $9.99 + tax

Zucchini pasta and kelp noodles served with our special hemp pesto or alfredo sauce, topped with fresh veggies and our house-blended Prama Sprinkle. So tasty and good for you too! No that's amore!!


Raw Burger Platter w/ Raw Slaw... $10.99 + tax (full platter) or Kid’s Burger…$5.99 (half platter)

Two veggie-seed burgers containing, shiitake mushroom, sun-dried tomatoes, green cabbage, zucchini, carrots and select herbs, served between dehydrated flat bread. Each burger is delicately topped with our house tahini mustard sauce along with organic baby lettuce, sliced tomato, cucumber and a dehydrated onion ring, all accompanied with a scoop of raw slaw.

(Substitute Raw Slaw for a Small Side Salad, Side of Raw Chili or Side of Rawghetti...  $12.49 + tax)

Raw Burger Platter

Raw Pizza Slice... $7.99 + tax

First we start with our rawesomely delicious dehydrated crust - consisting of sunflower seeds, freshly ground flax seeds, sun-dried tomatoes, and our house blend of Italian herbs. Then, we layer with a tomato marinara and freshly shredded zucchini, baby spinach, and carrots. Finally, we top with a macadamia nut "cheeze," sun-dried black olives, (or without), and our house-blended Prama Sprinkle.

Raw Pizza Slice w/ Side Salad, Side of Rawghetti or Side of Chili... $11.99 + tax

Raw Pizza Slice

Raw Chili Plate... $9.99 + tax

Ah Yes! This is a Hardy Rawk Star of a Chili - loaded with fresh tomatoes, sun-dried tomatoes, walnuts, carrots, celery, shiitake mushroom, red bell pepper, and just enough jalapeno and cayenne for a little "South of the Border" heat. Our perfectly blended chili spices are what gives this raw, vegan chili dish its kick. Colorfully served over a bed of thinly chopped zucchini, and then topped with a macadamia nut "sour cream," fresh tomatoes and our house-blended Prama Sprinkle.

Raw Chili Plate

Available as Sides or Snacks

  • Chili, Rawghetti, or Side Salad 5.49 + tax

  • Soups (when available) $5.99 + tax

Savory Snackz

  • Cabbage Crakz or Onion Ringz $5.99 + tax

Get It To-Go!

  • Egg-less Nut Pate $7.99 + tax

  • Rawkster Nut Pate $7.99 + tax

  • Raw Chili $7.99 + tax

  • Raw Slaw $4.99 + tax

Raw Desserts and Sweet Treats

Raw Desserts

Choose from a variety of hand-crafted desserts. We make being a little naughty feel soo nice! Decadent tasting but made from whole foods and ingredients you can feel good about treating yourself to at any time of the day! We truly have something for everyone. Chocolate lovers can enjoy Karen's Matcha Creme Cake, Mulberry Brownie Bites, or some Pecan La-Carmel Turtles. Coconut fans - go cuckoo for Maca-Roons! For those of you with a berry or tropical fruit craving, we make and carry seasonal varieties of cashew based cheezecakes and  specialty pies.

Have No Fear, There's NO Dairy Here!

Feeling the need to chill from the hot, sizzling sun? Then be sure to enjoy a dish of our home-made Ice Scream. Rawk Star Cafe's Ice Scream is made from a delicious blend of cashews and coconuts with lucuma (a famous Peruvian fruit) being the chart topping, flavor hit amongst the peeps. For a small upcharge, why not add a scoop to any cake or pie slice? No guilt here ~ just scrumptiously healthy alternatives that will make you sing and smile with joy!

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